A salesperson’s Salesperson

I have yet to read a favorable review of the recently released movie, “Battleship”.  In fact, the details that are coming out about the movie, and the trailers that I’ve seen, make it look so bad, it’s hard to imagine who would have possibly thought this was a good idea.  It’s difficult-at-best to imagine any movie where you shoehorn the phrases “B-5” and “You sank my battleship!” as turning out well (not that I know whether those phrases are in the movie or not, but how else are you going to tie the movie back to the game?).  To make my point, opening weekend saw it bring in roughly $25 million domestically.  By comparison, “Avengers” brought in more than three times that weekend alone, after having opened two weeks prior.

So, I return to my original question: Who in the world green lit this?

And then a better question occurred to me: Who sold this?

That person must be the most amazing salesperson in the world.  He or she could sell anything – ANYTHING.