Science & Tech Podcast – a belated introduction

My last couple of posts are the beginning of what I hope will be a long series of science and technology podcasts done with my two girls.  Katherine is old enough now to really get into a lot of different projects (she has been coming home with armloads of books from the library on natural disasters, elements, and other science-related topics for months now).  She’s also developed a terrific sense of humor and has some theatrical training, so I think she makes a terrific comedic co-host.  I hope to do something similar with Lucy in a few years.

I have several reasons for starting this.  First, I’m a huge science geek, so this is a way to scratch that itch.  Second, I want my girls to grow up being very comfortable in science and technology – Katherine already seems headed down this road.  Finally, this seems like a naturally awesome way to spend time as father and daughter. 

The first one, which is split between “A heavenly time” and “May 2012 Eclipse” was filmed using our many-years-old video camera.  Unfortunately I found that the software needed to pull that footage off of the tape and convert it into something digital won’t run on Windows 7, so we had to get that transferred professionally.  I did manage to work in illustrations with the Dude again, and I think he’ll become a regular on the show.

I decided that I would just take stills for our next project, “Another heavenly time” and overlay an audio track.  My first attempt at this was just me, and it was pretty straight-laced.  After letting it sit for a day, I scrapped the audio because it wasn’t funny.  I started writing a humorous script that both Katherine and I could participate in.  We had a blast recording it, and loved watching CJ’s reactions when I got it all cut together.  This co-host banter is, I think, another key component that will “shtick” around (no, I couldn’t resist).

We have already selected our next project, and hopefully we can get that recorded and posted in the next couple of weeks.  So, sit back, and enjoy some whimsical science!


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