Now we’re ORDERING bugs?!?

About a week ago I placed an order – under protest, mind you – for the caterpillars and food for a live butterfly garden that CJ bought.  The girls are thrilled, but seriously, what is this world coming to?  Don’t you people realize I’m a programmer?!?  Programmers aren’t supposed to buy bugs mail order.  We’re supposed to get RID OF THEM.  CJ, you are going to owe me.  I think a 2013 Mustang GT, will do nicely.  A blue one.

Then yesterday I got a call from her that started out, “It’s ALIVE!!!!”  She went on to explain that the caterpillars had arrived, and she started reading the directions:  “The manual says the caterpillars have to be in 70-degree temperatures, so we have to find someplace in the house for them to grow.”  (emphasis mine)

Did I say “GT”?  What I really meant to say was a Mustang Shelby GT500.

A blue one.


One thought on “Now we’re ORDERING bugs?!?

  1. Mark,
    Good luck on getting the Shelby 🙂 It could be worse, it could have been a spider farm 🙂


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