This morning, I was making my lunch and getting ready to leave for work.  CJ and Lucy were in the living room having a conversation about something.  I was only half paying attention when I heard, "Well, I can’t, but you can ask Daddy."

Lucy came into the kitchen and asked if I could touch the ceiling.  I put down what I was doing, and reached up and touched the kitchen ceiling.  I have to stand on my toes and stretch, and all that touches are the tips of my fingers, but I can get it.

That surprised CJ.  "Woah!  Well, can you do it out here?"

I walked out to the dining room, and repeated the feat, again, reaching it with just the tips of my fingers.

Then Lucy piped up, "No.  I expect the MIDDLE of your hand."

I was stunned.  "Wait – what?  You ‘expect’?  You EXPECT?!?"  What is this?!?"

She just giggled.