When Mommy Monsters Attack!

We use the front of our microwave as a reminder board.  It faces the back door, which is where we usually enter and exit the house, and it’s in the oft-frequented kitchen, so brightly-colored sticky notes are easy to spot.

This is what greeted me when I got home this evening.


CJ was quietly reading in the living room, but the girls were busily working away in Lucy’s room.  I greeted CJ, and then knocked on Lucy’s door.  The girls had converted Lucy’s room to this:


This was the legendary Fort Lucyville.  The Mommy-Monster hunters were preparing.


To do battle with this


The plan was to trap the monster, and chain it to the wall


but the opening salvo didn’t quite go according to plan.  So Katar ordered an escalation – chemical warfare!


Lucinda the Swift covered the monster with her potion of despair (i.e. detangler spray), temporarily stunning it.  That gave Katar the opening she needed to chain it to the wall.  However, the manacles weren’t strong enough!


Loose, and now greatly angered, the monster lashed out at her would-be trappers.


Oh, noes!  The inhumans of it all!


Did you know monster-hunters are great with a light brushing of olive oil, and a side of peas?




*No monsters, Katars, or Lucindas were harmed in the making of this post.

**CJ, Katherine, and Lucy were fine too.

***So was the photographer, for that matter. 

****Well, ok, I’ll be psychologically scarred for life, but CJ would say no one will notice a difference.