Lucy’s Door Art ain’t coming down

Lucy colored a picture yesterday, and decided that when it was done it needed to be displayed in one of our household art galleries.  Instead of the fridge, she opted for her bedroom door.

I came upon her when she was just starting to tape it up.  She had one corner taped, and was working on the second.  I praised her for getting the tape all by herself, and hanging it herself.  She smiled and I left her to her devices.

I went back to whatever it was I was doing.  15 minutes later I realized I hadn’t seen Lucy.  Just then, I heard about piece of tape get ripped off the spool, and realized that she was STILL taping up her art.

The same piece of art that I saw her with 15 minutes earlier.

I walked to her room to find this:


Sigh.  “Lucy, you don’t need to use this much tape.”

“But I didn’t want it to fall down.”

Well, in that case, well done.  It won’t be coming down anytime soon.


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