Ask a stupid question…

Last week, we had arranged for one of our regular sitters, Rebekah, to watch Lucy in the afternoon so CJ and I could run an errand together.  It was one of those errands where having little people in tow would have been anxiety-inducing for everyone.  Lucy and I headed out to pick ‘Bekah (as she’s known) up from her school when Lucy asked a question.

“Daddy, where does ‘Rebah go for math?”

I responded, “You mean what room does she go to for math?”


“I don’t know, sweetie.  You’ll just have to ask her when we meet her.”

Unimpressed, Lucy responded, “Well, I bet Mommy or Katherine knows.”

I asked, “Why would Mommy or Katherine know that?”

To which Lucy responded, “Because they’re smart.”


Ask a stupid question…