Christmas Day 2012 Quoteboard

Odd quotes heard at the Gilbert household on Christmas Day 2012:


You wrapped too much on me, Mom!
    – Lucy, talking about the quantity of scotch tape on one of the gifts she was struggling to open.


You gotta pop her head and arms off, first.
    – CJ, talking about the Lego mini-fig that Lucy was trying to add a cape to.


Warning!  Hugs must be used before assembly.
    – Katherine, who was repeating (in traditional Katherine-crazy fashion) CJ’s request to give Dad a hug thanking him for the gift, before assembling it.


I’m sorry I got you a gift that sucks.
    – Mark, about the "My Sister the Vampire" books he gave her, where "That sucks!" is the vampire equivalent to "That’s cool!"


You said you wanted a movie where a whole bunch of heroes came together, right?
    – CJ talking to Mark, referring to the "VeggieTales: The League of Incredible Vegetables" movie he just unwrapped.  Mark later unwrapped "The Avengers".


YOU.  ARE.  AWESOME!!!  And rather delicious.
    – Katherine, to Mark about the huge pack of multi-colored gel pens he gave her.  After the "delicious" comment, he was found in the living room, cowering in fear.


Dad, you’re going down!
    – Katherine, referring to the Nerf war that was about to erupt.
I’m glad my daughter is into fantasy as much as she is.
    – Mark, responding to Katherine.
I can’t fight in fuzzy slippers.
    – CJ, just prior to joining the foam-filled fray.


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