To be 4

Lucy will turn 4 in January, and she frequently likes to point out how big she’s getting.  But therein lies the rub: she still likes to be babied with some regularity. 

For example, help going to the bathroom, having us bring her water in the middle of the night (or the not-so-middle of the night, aka 30, 45, or 60 minutes after her bedtime), feeding her bites of food, and so on.  Mind you, NONE of these things have been beyond her abilities for the last few months, but if she’s a bit fussy, or really doesn’t want to do what we’re asking her to do, throwing something like “please put your shoes on so we can go” is just asking for trouble.  Loud, boneless, gonna-make-you-10-minutes-late trouble.

For the last couple of months, we’ve been telling her that when she turned 4, she would be responsible for getting dressed all on her own.  This past week, she not only got dressed, but also brushed her hair and teeth without prompting.  She, of course, made sure to SHOW us that she was doing all of those things, and CJ and I made sure to show our enthusiasm and amazement at these feats.

When she finished, she came out with that Cheshire-grin of her hers and chuckled deviously.

“Wait a minute!  You got dressed, brushed your hair AND teeth, ALL BY YOURSELF?!?”  We asked.

“Uh huh!  I know how to be 4!”

You certainly do, sweetie.  Now, if you you were only WILLING to be 4 all the time…