Long Blinks

Earlier today, we paid a visit to CJ’s grandmother earlier today, which is about an hour’s drive each way.  By the time we got back in the car to come home, both girls were looking a little tired – Lucy especially.  She was fussing in the backseat, and CJ made the suggestion that we put some “sleepy” music on to help her calm down.  She complained that music would keep her awake, and she was definitely NOT going to fall asleep.  (Yeah, do the math on that one.)

She was out within 10 minutes, and pretty much stayed asleep until we pulled into our driveway.

When she walked in the house, she proclaimed, “I told ya I didn’t need a nap!  It was just long blinks!”  I started laughing at her clever retort, at which point Lucy got upset with me.  “Don’t laugh!  It’s true.”

Yes it is, sweetie.  I’m glad you were able to get a couple of good, long blinks in on the way home.  You’re a happier human for it.