Crazy Conversations

Over the weekend, we had a couple of crazy conversations that I’d like to share:


Kat: "Is there anything smaller than a neutron?"

CJ: "Quarks are smaller than neutrons."

Kat breaks into laughter.

CJ, looking sheepish, rephrased her statement as a question to me: "Quarks ARE smaller than neutrons, right?"

Me, chuckling: "Yes they are."

CJ: "Ok good.  Katherine burst into laughter*, and I thought for a minute there I had said something really stupid."  (Katherine actually started laughing because she thought CJ had just made up the word “quarks”.)

Me: "I’m just glad that it took Katherine until the 5th grade to be able to cause us to question our knowledge of particle physics."


Kat: "We’ll fix it later with magic tape."

Me:  "You mean duct tape?"

CJ:  "Ducks are magic?"

Me: "Well, they weigh as much as witches."

Kat: "What?!"