Don’t mess with the Numbers

Since she was born, Lucy has had a digital clock in her room.  It was for CJ’s and my benefit when Lucy was an infant, but somewhere in the last couple of years, Lucy has figured out what those numbers mean – they tell her when the fun has to start and stop.

In the morning, for example, she knows that if it says 7-0-0, she’s allowed to get up.  If there is a “4”, “5”, or “6” in that leftmost digit, she has to try to go back to sleep.  Here’s how this morning played out:


6:57, Lucy: “Hey guys!  The 7 is on the wrong side!”

6:57, CJ: “Yep.  It means it’s almost 7-0-0.”

6:57, Lucy: “It’s taking too long!”

6:57, CJ: “Lucy, it’s going to take 3 more minutes.  Just be patient.”

6:58: Lucy: “Ugh!!  Now it says 8!!”

6:58, CJ: “You can get up now if you want.”

   (Lucy didn’t hear or register that)

6:59, Lucy, whispering furiously: “Come on.  COME.  ON!!!”

6:59, Me, snickering to CJ: “She’s trying to coax the clock to 7 o’clock.”

7:00, Lucy: “Guys!  It says 7-0-0!  I can get up now!”

    (runs into our bedroom)

7:00, Lucy, after examining both of our alarm clocks, and seeing that mine was a couple of minutes behind CJ’s: “Mom, you can get up now, but Daddy can’t yet.”


Don’t mess with the numbers, dude.