Appliance Month

I went downstairs on Saturday to rotate the laundry.  I opened our dryer, and started pulling the dry clothes out.  I quickly noticed that the light that normally comes on when the door is open was not on.  Huh, I thought to myself.  Did we burn out a light?

Then I remembered that this had happened a couple of times before.  Our washer and dryer are plugged into a ground-fault protection outlet, and there have been a couple of times when that has tripped, killing power to both appliances.  I unplugged the dryer so I could see the Test/Reset buttons, and sure enough, the Reset button was popped out.  I pushed it back in, and plugged the dryer back in.


Dang.  It tripped again.  OK, unplug the cord, press the reset button, and push the cord back in…


Aw crap.  Really?  I mean REALLY?!?

What’s the definition of "insanity"?  Doing something over and over expecting a different result?  Yeah, well, all aboard the crazy-train.  To my credit, though, my next test did actually try something different.  The washer was plugged into the bottom outlet.  Maybe it was just the top outlet that was having problems.  Maybe it wasn’t the dryer at all.  I unplugged the washer, reset the outlet, and pushed the dryer cord into the bottom outlet…



I pulled the dryer cord out, reset the plug AGAIN, and pushed the washer cord in.

No pop.

Dang.  Something electrical – and probably expensive – has died with our dryer.

I went upstairs and told CJ, who took a moment to digest what I was saying.  We talked about a couple of options, and decided to get a repairman out to look at it on Monday (’cause of course these things ALWAYS happen on a weekend).  Perhaps it was something that could be fixed with a $5 and a service call.  Monday came, and the repairman said the motor was basically dead.  So much for the $5 part.  He actually got it working again long enough to show CJ that when he started it up it actually dimmed the lights in my work area on the other side of the basement.  Definitely not good.  Replacing the motor would run us a couple of hundred dollars, and there would be no guarantee that something else on it would break 2 weeks after.

CJ looked into when we had bought it – March 2006.  She also looked up when we bought out our washer – March 2009.  And here we are in March 2013.  Apparently March is the month for replacing washers and dryers for us.

As it turns out, we had nothing planned for tomorrow night.  Well, we do now.

And now March is forever jinxed.  If I had just not done any laundry until next week Monday, we would have been fine for a whole ‘nother year!