Guest Post: The Sisters Grimm

It’s a grim world for dolls at our house.  Given that our eldest child is fond of reading series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl (really, anything where heroes and heroines fight valiantly against evil villains), quite often playing dolls involves one group of dolls trying to rebel against or subvert some other doll who is a wicked despot.

For example, last week Lucy and Katie decided to pull out the Polly Pocket dolls to use along with the Thomas the Train track.   At first, the dolls were visitors to the Island of Sodor and all was friendly and peaceful.   Eventually, though, it turned out that one of the dolls became a wicked wife to an evil twin version of Sir Topham Hat and the two villains attempted to conquer the Island of Sodor.  The other dolls and the trains had to unite to fight them off.

And then, yesterday, the Island of Sodor became a haven for some dolls that were trying to escape from a  Bad Queen.  Unfortunately, the Bad Queen eventually caught up with them and tied one of the dolls to the train track.  This has happened before, but Lucy almost always insists that the dolls be heroically rescued in the nick of time, so no big deal, right?

Well… no big deal until I hear  Lucy make Thomas the train say…

“Oh!  I saw blood on the track…  Oopsie doopsie!”

Whoa…  While they’re not quite as gruesome as the Brothers Grimm, it does appear that our imaginative play just kicked up to a PG-13 rating…  Wasn’t ready for that!