My turn

This afternoon we’re getting together with several of our friends and their kids for an afternoon of miniature golf, and then everyone will be coming back to our house for a cookout.  The plan was to have CJ and Katherine go grocery shopping while Lucy and I got the house in order – cleaning, bringing up the card tables and extra chairs, getting the deck cleaned up, and so on.  CJ and I sat down before she left and made a list of everything that we wanted to do – and it was a hefty list.

I started on the first task just before CJ left.  She came up to me on her way out the door and said, “There’s nothing on that list that’s so important that you and Lucy can’t stop and play and laugh for a bit.  It’s our house, and something doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done.”

I smiled and nodded.  Then she continued.

“And it will be your turn to tell me that after lunch.”


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