Guest Post: Best. Anniversary. Card. EVER.

A few months ago, Mark and I were looking at the calendar to decide how to celebrate our anniversary. When we realized that Iron Man 3 would be coming out the day before our anniversary, suddenly the decision became very easy. My parents were kind enough to offer to take the girls for a sleep-over, and Mark and I planned to enjoy dinner at a grown-up restaurant, a fun movie, and some time with just the two of us.

And then, on Friday morning, Katherine woke up very sick (throat & ear aches) and Lucy sported a very runny nose. While disappointed, neither of us were horribly upset – we just agreed to reschedule our anniversary celebration for sometime this summer and take in some other popcorn flick.

After that decision was reached, though, Mark’s face suddenly brightened and he announced, “But I have the perfect card to cheer you up!” and he ran out of the room and brought back an anniversary card that he had made for me:



Oh. My. Goodness.

The joke, part 1: First I chuckled. I have always loved Mark’s cartoons with his Dude character – especially when the Dude doing a face-palm expression. And using a welding torch to light a candle? Total silly overkill and very amusing. Definitely tickling my funny bone. Boy, I thought, does my husband know me! And then, I looked closer…

The joke, part 2: Those are WEDDING CANDLES!!! Ohmigosh, those are OUR wedding candles!!!


CLARIFICATION: For those of you who did not attend our wedding 17 years ago, we had a little… ah… technical malfunction… when it was time to light the unity candle. When we lifted the tapers over the center candle, the tapers dripped wax so heavily that the center wick became coated and would not light.

Now I was really laughing hard… Wow, it would have been funny to light our wedding candle with a welding torch!

I decided to put the card out on the kitchen counter, and I smiled every time I passed by it all morning. And then, after a few hours, I was struck by a yet another revelation. I had to immediately call Mark up at work when I abruptly realized:

The joke, part 3: That’s ME holding the welding torch!


It’s a girl-Dude-ette with bows on her antenna! Whoo-hoo! And that, honestly, makes sense since I ended up having to pry up the center candle and tip it over to remove the excess wax before we could light it. It took a while to get the candle to light, and I can still remember the palpable tension in the church at that moment, but then I stuck my hand out to Mark and we shared a good, firm handshake. Mission accomplished, right? Laughter filled the church and we had finally achieved FIRE! Er, UNITY, I mean…


Sweetheart, here’s to not just 17 years of creative problem solving, but also 17 years of laughter! Sometimes very delayed laughter, but definitely the joyful laughter of the happily-ever-after variety…



– CJ


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