Has a nice Ring to it

We own a “Lord of the Rings”-themed version of Monopoly, and for some reason Lucy got into a mood this weekend to pull it out and play with it.  She set up all the pieces, and began to craft her own story around them.

Now, you have to understand that Lucy is very much a Director when it comes to playtime, guiding her toys into crazy predicaments and then coming up with diabolical schemes to rescue them. If you are commanded to play with her want to play with her, you have to live up to her standards, and she is very quick to let you know when you’ve gone off-script (even when that script is completely in her head and bears a suspicious resemblance to “Calvin Ball”).

Since Lucy set up this game of Monopoly, we set down the rule with Katherine that this was “her game, her rules”. It didn’t take long for Lucy to pick up on that little catch-phrase, and throughout the day whenever tempers began to flair, the argument was inevitably cut off with the pronouncement, “MY GAME – MY RULES, KATH’RINE!” (To her great credit, Katherine was a very good sport throughout this, and surrendered whatever plot point she was trying to interject).

For example, here are our heroes going on, as Lucy put it, “a field trip to find the ring”:


CJ and I loved how she set them up walking single file, leading up to the Eye of Sauron.  The One Ring, as it turns out, was on the other side of the board, safely locked up…


… in jail. 

I don’t think I’d even want to visit.