Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The challenges have only begun

Wednesday night I started feeling a strange tickle in my throat.  Huh, I thought.  The last time that happened I ended up coming down with something like strep.

Early Thursday morning, I woke up at 4am, and could not get back to sleep.  The tickle had developed into something way more serious, and he invited his friends – Awful Headache and Caustic Cough.

To try to get back to sleep, I threw “The Matrix” in.  At 6:30, when I finished it, and still was not tired enough to go back to sleep, I slipped downstairs and emailed my boss saying that I was calling in sick.

It was going to be a long day.

I went through most of the day either in bed dozing, or sitting upright on the couch, dozing.  That day is pretty much a haze.  By late afternoon, some of the symptoms had started to subside, and I was able to help CJ get the bathroom trimmed out to be painted.  She ended up rolling the first coat that night.


The next morning, Headache was still with me, but Sore Throat had definitely hunkered down, and brought his entertainment center with him.  Concerned I had caught something more than just a simple cold, I went to immediate care.  The doctor took one look at my throat and said, “Oh yeah, that’s strep.”


I got some antibiotics, and came home.  Other than pain with every swallow, I wasn’t feeling too bad, and helped CJ by keeping the girls out of her hair.  By early evening, we felt we would have enough of the bathroom painted that we could call Brad back in to help put the fixtures back into place.


Friday night, CJ started feeling sick, and Saturday she woke up completely miserable.  She had many of the same symptoms I had – headache, sore throat, cough – so I figured she had strep too.  She went to the doctor, who said that the test for strep came back negative, so she probably had something viral.  The only solution was to treat the symptoms.

Terrific.  As if we didn’t have enough going on this week already.

Since I was on the upswing, I went ahead and put as much of the trim back up as I could.


I had to admit, the bathroom was really starting to look good.  Even if we were now looking at it through a drug-induced haze.  Brad came over and helped me get the fixtures back into place.


The shower was still out of commission, but the rest of the bathroom was at least functional.  Well, as long as you weren’t squeamish about the lack of door.


Next was the shower.  I had to wipe it completely down again, to get rid of the dust and debris that had snuck in.  After that, CJ purchased a new shower curtain that would be a better match for the shade of blue now on the walls.

She came home, equal parts amusement and frustration – “Apparently I missed the memo that ‘teal’ was this year’s color.  Everything I saw was some shade of teal – no real blues anywhere.”


Apart from a bit of trim around the door, the single biggest remaining piece was hanging a new cabinet.  The old one was basically a metal shelf unit that had been hung on the wall.  After much frustration (on my part; CJ was very level-headed throughout this step), we got the cabinet up.


To be honest, we still aren’t used to the new look.  To me it looks like I’m staying in a nice hotel.

All in all, though, we’re both glad it’s done.