Katherine’s last day of school was a half day, and it just so happened to coordinate with the June meeting of FLUNK (originally this was my functional language user’s group, but lately we’ve expanded the scope to simply "cool things in tech").  Katherine and I had signed up to demo the progress we had been making on the stratoballoon instrument pack, and in particular, the protoshield with temperature sensor mounted to it (link:

A while back, Katherine asked about shadowing me at work, to see what I do in a typical day.  When her half-day and the FLUNK meeting coincided, I figured this was just about as perfect a time as any.

I picked her up from school, and we got lunch together before heading back to work.  She pulled up a chair next to me, and I started walking her through how I write software, the tools I used, and some of the tricks I employ to make things go faster.  She took some good notes about the whole experience.


Just to be clear, the notes were completely her idea.  I thought she would just watch and perhaps ask some questions now and then.  The fact that she DOCUMENTS proves beyond a doubt that she is my daughter.

I especially loved this one:


She originally wrote "Dad’s job is really complicated", but then later changed it to "Dad’s job is REALLY complicated."


After I got past some issues with the projector and the laptop itself, the demo at FLUNK went well, and the group had a lot of good conversation about the project.  Everyone there is now fired up at seeing the launch now!


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