Lucy the Budding Scientist

In the last couple of days, Lucy has surprised me with a couple of science experiments.  On Sunday, she asked me to work beside her, so I grabbed some scrap paper, and started drawing up sketches of the balloon, parachute, and capsule, and tried to get the key questions about the construction down on paper.  Lucy decided that was more interesting than what she was going to work on, so she started copying my drawing:


In addition to the balloon and parachute, she added her own personal touch.  She drew Rainbow Dash being strapped into the capsule (see the seatbelts holding her in?), and she drew the computer console that Dash would be using on the flight (lower left corner).

Then yesterday, CJ took her to a session at the Kalamazoo Public Library called “Little Scientists”.  One of the things they did was to seal a cracker into a plastic bag, and then crunch it up – that simulated chewing it up into little pieces in your mouth.  Then they added some lemon juice to simulate the stomach acids breaking it down.  Lucy drew these two states on her lab report:


Lucy did remark that the bag with the lemon juice added was “yucky”, and declared that CJ would have to mash it up from there.  She didn’t want to touch it anymore.

I can’t blame her.  Biology wasn’t my favorite science in school either.