Such a doll

Lucy has a very large doll – larger than she is.  Yesterday, she woke up and carried it into our bedroom where we were starting to stir.  She announced "I don’t want this doll any more."

CJ replied, "Oh, well, put it in your closet then."

"No, I’ll put it in the living room, " she replied.

"No, if you do that it’ll just creep out Daddy."

Lucy then laughed maniacally.

Now, to an adult, an "if-then" statement like that one implies "and we don’t want to creep out Daddy, so DON’T do that."  To a child, though, the implied addendum is "and that sounds really cool, so DO it now!"  Sigh.  You’d think we would have learned that after nearly eleven years as parents.

I face-palmed.  CJ started laughing.  "Great, now that doll will turn up everywhere.  Well, I have to get up and take my shower."

From the other room we heard Lucy say, "Nah-uh! I’m going to take a shower fir-irst!"

That caused a moment of pause, during which the following line of reasoning ran through both of our brains:

    1) Lucy doesn’t take showers.
    2) Lucy sounded like she was in the bathroom.
    3) We were just talking about where her doll could be placed to creep out people.

"Oh no."  I said quietly, not wanting to ruin Lucy’s prank.  "She’s probably putting that doll in the bathtub."

At which point, Lucy walked back in.  "Mom, you can’t take your shower yet.  Dad, can you help me with this doll?"  Lucy ran back out.  It was all CJ could do to muffle her laughter.

Pay no attention to the 4-year old behind the curtain.

"See what you started here, dear?"  I asked.

I walked into the bathroom, and helped Lucy find a suitably creepy spot for the doll, and then invited CJ in for her "shower".

CJ drew back the curtain to find this:



Good morning Mom!