Quotable Moments from the Gilbert Household

Lucy: “I am Lucy, the Jedi!”

Mark: “Are you strong in the Force?”

Lucy: “I have to put my Bunny down if I’m going to use the Force!”


Overheard during a discussion on how why we needed two cars in order to transport family & friends to an event:

CJ:“We can’t fit all six of us in our car.”

Katherine: “We can if we strap Dad to the roof!”


Lucy: “Here’s your birthday card, Daddy!” She points to part of the drawing on the front: “That’s a tatty.”

Mark: “What’s a ‘tatty’?”

Lucy: “You’ll figure it out.”


We recently went to McDonalds and, after checking the bottom of the Happy Meal box, we discovered that the next batch of toys would be Wizard of Oz themed. Katie’s reaction?

“Who wouldn’t want to play with evil little plastic flying monkeys?”


Dr. Lucy was giving her parents a check up with her Fisher Price med kit, and suddenly announced – before dashing out of the room — “And then the doctor has to go potty!”


Katie was opening up a new package of Oreos, and we told her to put her couple of cookies on a plate.

Katie: “I was sooooo close to getting the whole bag!”

CJ: “No you weren’t! What planet are you on?”

Katie: “Planet Katherine, where Oreos are served all day, every meal.”


One day Lucy had a play-date with a little girl who is two years younger than her. Afterwards, Lucy asked a series of questions like,

“How old will she be when I’m 5?”

“She’ll be 3”

“How old will she be when I’m 6?”

“She’ll be 4”

This went on until Lucy imagined being 10 and I told her the little girl would then be 8. Lucy’s response?

To heave a BIG sigh and declare “She is always on my tail…”


After dinner, Mark and I were cleaning up in the kitchen when suddenly the girls went thundering past us:

CJ: “Something just flew by.”

Mark: “Fast-flying children of unusual size.”