Taking it in stride – Katherine and Cross Country

This fall, Katherine decided to run Cross Country.


Other than volleyball (a school team that she can’t join until she’s a little older), Katherine hadn’t expressed an interest in organized sports until this year.  That is, unless you consider foam-swordfights and Nerf as being sports that are in any way “organized”.

Considering she hadn’t done any long-distance running before, I think she did quite well for her first year out.


The meets were held on weekdays starting at 4 and would go for 90 minutes (3 separate races).  CJ would bring a plethora of things for Lucy to do while she was at the meet.  At one of them, Lucy got serious about soccer.

30 40

She was playing by the football team’s tackle dummies, and would use them as the goal posts.



Katherine’s official season ended last week, but this past weekend was the WMU Campus Classic – a 5k run around Western’s campus.


Katherine’s coaches were encouraging as many kids as possible to run it, and I think by the end they managed to get about a dozen to sign up.

Katherine’s school races were only 2 miles, so this was over 50% longer.  Plus, Western’s campus has a lot of hills, and the race course took the runners up and down most of them.  CJ overheard at least one person after the race saying “That was the hilliest 5k I’ve ever run!”

Katherine took those new challenges in stride, and I think had a good time.


Well done, Kat!