Stratoballoon Hams

Katherine and I took our tests for our Ham Radio Technical (level 1) license this morning, and we both passed!


So, now it’s official.  We’re LICENSED hams.


Lucy, on the other hand, is an honorary one.

We’re intending to use the ham radio bands to transmit (at least) the GPS and altitude information from the balloon, so getting licensed was a necessary step. 

A good portion of the test material was actually a refresher for me – my classes in electrical engineering and physics came in handy – so I focused on the material specific to ham radio procedure and rules.  Katherine has not had any formal training in those areas yet, so she really had to work at this.  She has spent weeks reading and re-reading the study materials and taking practice tests.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been drilling her on the areas she was weakest in.  This was time spent on top of everything else she is involved in (regular homework, cross country, violin practice) – time spent at the expense of her free time in the evenings and on the weekends.  She made the commitment, stepped up, and got it done.

I am so proud of her today.  Not just because she passed the real test, but because she has worked and WORKED to make this happen, and never gave up or got discouraged.  I didn’t have nearly her work ethic at her age – at least not for something where I would have to fail time after time before I got it right.

Katherine, with that kind of determination, and God’s guidance, you’ll be able to do anything.