Lucy’s preschool has a holiday party every year, and during the party there is a talent show.  Each family has to put on a short act, skit, song, stand-up routine – just something involving the pre-schooler.

We decided that the Gilbert-family talent is being silly.  CJ and I brainstormed various ideas, and the one that stuck started out as “what if we just had the girls do crazy things to Dad”.  The idea went downhill from there.



Yes, you saw that right.  I got turned into a puppet.  A puppet that CJ made, from scratch, the week before the show.  This is what the kids sitting up front were treated to:


I’m still geeking out over how good a job CJ did on this.  She selected my wardrobe ahead of time so she could dress the puppet to match, helping the illusion along.

As you can tell from the video, it was a big hit.

Oh, and you know how during the skit Lucy suggests that “we can saw Daddy in half”?  Yeah, apparently, the week after the party, several of Lucy’s classmates said that next time she SHOULD saw me in half.

The bar has been raised.