Merry Moments from the Gilbert Household

Mark: Lucy, your bunny is eating Katherine. Is that okay?

Lucy: Yeah.


Katie: I know… I know… No joy-reading until my homework is done.


CJ: Oddly enough, they don’t have “Nerf War” in here.

(On attempting to record her physical activity for the day in an online journal)


CJ: Have you gotten to the natural disasters unit yet in social studies, Katherine?

Katie: No, we’re in Canada.


Lucy: Katherine, where are the heads? I need the heads… Just the heads…

(They were playing Legos… really!)


The dining room lights flicker

Lucy: Was that lightning?

Mark & CJ (in unison): No, that was Katherine.


CJ: So what have you two been up to?

Mark: We were putting camels in the helicopter.

Lucy: It was Dad’s idea – not mine!

Mark: As long as they face forward, their heads clear the rotors!


CJ: That’s what we need – a video game that sends tsunamis, tornados, natural disasters after you so you have to RUN to get away.

Katie: No, send me after them… I AM a natural disaster. [Cue maniacal laughter]


(Lucy appears in the doorway as CJ and Katie get ready to leave for an event.)

Lucy: I have a lot to take care of: eight sons, five daughters, and a husband and a baby.

CJ: Wow, so Dad will really need to help you tonight.

Katie: But he’s not allowed to wear my apron while I’m gone!


As the unsuspecting parents prepare dinner in the kitchen, Katie and Lucy are in the living room, plotting… er, playing:

Lucy: You give me orders for how to freak them [the parents] out.

Katie [in Golem’s voice] “Yessss, preciousss…. Freak them out, precioussss…”


Mark: It is I – your nutty nemesis!

(Narrating the internal monologue of a squirrel who dropped from a tree)


CJ: Daddy’s been delivering the funny since 1975!


[Lucy is playing by herself while CJ rubs Mark’s shoulders after work. CJ leans forward to tell Mark, “I love you!”]

Lucy: Are you going to kiss him?

CJ: Maybe. Why do you ask?

Lucy: It just creeps me out.



Wishing you all some Happy Holidays – filled with all the fun, crazy, and yes, creepy, moments that make for wonderful memories!