Laser Mazes

Lucy turned 5 this past week, and for her birthday, she asked to go to Airway Lanes.  Lucy loves the bowling, the bumper cars, and the video games, but this year we introduced her to the laser maze.

She was initially apprehensive – and that might be putting it mildly – about going in.  We tried to tell her it was just a darkened room with lasers.  It took us a few tries to figure out that what she was really concerned about was that the lasers were strong enough to cut off limbs.

“Oh!  No, Lucy, just think of them like flashlights.  Look.”  I put my hand in one and broke the beam.  A brief buzzer went off letting me know I hit the light, and that light extinguished.  After that, she took took it.

And she was really good at it.  Of course, being able to walk or hunch under most of the lasers helped, but hey, use what you got.


Lucy had been talking about the laser maze all week, and this evening she had been making her LEGO mini-figs pretend that they were going through one.  That gave me an idea.  What if we built a small enclosure out of LEGOs, and crisscrossed thread between the walls, simulating the lasers?  Then the mini-figs would have a much more realistic laser maze!

CJ got into the act, and contributed the hand panels that you had to hit on the walls inside the maze, and that led to our construction project for the evening:


And it was awesome:


If only I had a few gazillion hours to devote to doing some stop action, we could totally film our own “Mission: Impossible” sequence.


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