Stratoballoon Release Announcement

We’ve decided ("we" being CJ, Katherine, and I) that spending nearly two years working on this project is long enough, and it’s time to get a little more serious about this project.  Katherine and I sat down this past weekend, listed out every major task we could think of that was left with construction and testing for the stratoballoon.  Then we assigned an hour-estimate to each of those tasks.  Then we figured out how many weeks there were between now and when school started.

Our goal is to have the balloon release before Katherine went back to school in the fall.  All of the above planning was done to try to figure out if it was even realistic to make a final push to Release Day between now and then.  As it turns out, if we can spend a single person-hour per day on the project between now and August 9, then we will still have a solid week to make our final release day preparations, and then a solid week to work around any weather delays for the release itself, before school starts.

We are planning, then, on a release August 18.  The entire rest of that week will become our rain/wind backup days.

Ladies and gentlemen, the release clock has been started.  T-minus 76 days, and counting.