Just Arrived – Stratoballoon Capsule Blanks

This week should prove to be a big week for the stratoballoon project.  First, today we took delivery of the capsule “blanks”:


These are two KodiaKooler molded foam shipping containers from Packaging Products.  The inside dimensions of these two particular units are 8” x 6” x 4.25”. 

I call these “blanks” because we haven’t actually begun the process of turning them into capsules yet.  We’re starting by mocking out the inside of the capsule (with these dimensions) in cardboard, just to get a feel for how we want to arrange everything.  Once we’re happy with the layout, then we’ll move on to the KodiaKooler containers.

Second, I expect that we’ll be taking delivery of another major component of the project later this week – but more on that when it actually shows up!