Stratoballoon Launch Site Selected

One of the items that I haven’t posted on a very long time is the launch site.  Back in October, I wrote about CJ starting to look for a launch site, and discovering just how many airports there are in our county.

Well, in the last month, she narrowed that search to two different schools.  Neither of them would be in full session in August yet, and both of them have very large open fields, free of trees, tall buildings, and power lines.  She and the girls scouted both of them, and then spoke with the respective school officials to get their approval for the launch.

On a funny side note, when CJ explained that we wanted to "launch a balloon", I think both of them asked "are you going to ignite something?" 

"No!  *stiffle a laugh*  We’re just inflating a helium balloon, and then releasing it.  No fire involved."

"Oh!  Ok.  Well, that would be fine."

In the end, we selected Mendon High School (148 Kirby Rd, Mendon, MI) just on the outskirts of Kalamazoo Airspace.  We’ll try to make a go/no-go decision by 8am the morning of August 19.  If we have to scrub the launch on the 19th, we’ll just move it to the 20th, and try again.

We’re down to the final 2 weeks before launch.  It’s starting to really get exciting here at Mission Control.