Stratoballoon – Launch Day!

The weather looks like it has cleared up sufficiently for a launch.  There is some early morning fog, but that looks like it will burn off by 9am or so.  Visibility is at 5 miles right now, which is right at the lower limit of what we can launch in, but that will hopefully improve as the morning progresses.

The flight predictor ( is putting touchdown about 10 miles east, and a little south of Coldwater, just on the other side of Long Lake.



We’ll update the blog today with our progress.

For other hams in the area, the capsule will be transmitting a custom RTTY string on approximately 434.639 MHz.  If you happen to pick up the signal and would like to forward a copy to us (i.e., in an audio file such as MP3), you can do so by emailing it to  Mark E Gilbert (all one word) AT gmail DOT com.


3 thoughts on “Stratoballoon – Launch Day!

  1. Heard in Allegan, MI between 11:00AM EST and signal eventually faded sometime after noon. Used mobile radio with an external vertical antenna. Definitely not optimized for it but surprisingly it was quite loud and other times varying. I’ll have several sound files to send your way with the captured telemetry. Great job and congratulations on a successful launch Mark and Katherine! Looking forward to news regarding retrieval.

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