Stratoballoon – Recovery Update

We’ve plotted the balloon’s descent, and extrapolated the likely box that it came down in.

Large Map

The pins on the left are the actual positions as transmitted from the radio.  The asterisk inside the box is our calculated landing point, and the box itself are the main roads that are roughly 2km to the north, and 3km to the east, west, and south of this point (we believe it is more likely that the balloon drifted further south than it did north.)

Here is a more detailed view of the box:

Detailed Map

The city in the upper left corner is Reading, Michigan.  This is our new search area.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


3 thoughts on “Stratoballoon – Recovery Update

  1. I’ve got my people on the lookout! You know I’m from Jonesville, right? When you’re down there, you should totally go to Amy Hupenbecker’s farm and get organic veggies, maple syrup, and the most amazing butter ever. 🙂

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