Stratoballoon Recovery Update #2

On Saturday, we started scouring the search area for any sign of the capsule.  We stopped several times to scan the fields and tree lines for orange.  We were able to cover many of the roads in the search area, but our visibility was sometimes limited by trees and really tall corn.  The dotted lines in the diagram below show where the visibility was extremely limited.  The arrows indicate parts of the road where we had good visibility on one half of the road.


We did hoist Katherine onto the roof of the van a couple of times to give her a better vantage over the corn where we could. 


She loved those parts of the search.

In addition to the direct search, we’ve flyered the area, and spoken with several people to make them aware of the project, and to be on the lookout for it.

I’ve also started going over the telemetry again to verify that this is our best search corridor.  I’ll be posting that analysis soon.