Two Times the Run! 2014 WMU Campus Classic

Last weekend was the 2014 WMU Campus Classic, featuring a 1k "Fun Run", and the main event – a 5k run around WMU’s main campus.  Katherine ran the 5k last year with several members and both coaches of her cross country team.  This year, Lucy wanted to get in on the act, so we signed her up for the 1k "Fun Run":


Can you tell she was a little excited?  Actually, she was more than a "little" excited.  She had a lot of pre-race jitters.


But we talked through them.  As it turns out, she was most worried that the starter pistol would hurt her ears.  In fact, she clamped her ears shut for the two minutes leading up to when the race started.  I actually had to nudge her to get her going.  But once she started, she was gone.


I found that this being her first race, she had two settings – walk and run-like-zombies-are-chasing-me.  Did I mention that I was railroaded into running the 1k with her?  I realized only after the race it had been literally a quarter of a century since I had run a 5k.  I hurt for the next two days.


But she finished, and with only a minimal amount of tears.

Katherine also did very well.


Yep, she’s the one in the blue shirt.  The blurry one.  On the left.


Aaaand again.  Blue, blurry, and on the left.

Nice job girls!