Lucy’s Quiz

When Katherine was younger – before she started school officially – she loved to play teacher.  CJ or I would invariably be her pupils, and we would sit at our desk and answer quesions that Katherine put on the board, practice our letters and numbers, and so on.

Lucy went through the same phase, and even though she has started kindergarten this year, still enjoys playing the role of teacher.  In fact, she handed me a quiz the other day composed of words that she had sounded out on her own (something CJ and I have encouraging her to do):


I don’t know what the first question says, but the first "Next Question" reads "Haw dus a buney hop withawt juping?"  (“How does a bunny hop without jumping?”)

The second "Nexd Question" (sic) is "Haw dus a dog brck withawt macking eney nose?"  (“How does a dog bark without making any noise?")

I felt completely unprepared for that one.  I can tell you right now that I don’t think I did so well.