Stratoballoon Capsule Construction Addendum

There were a couple of points that we neglected to mention in our latest podcasts regarding the capsule construction.

The first is how we mounted our 1/4 ground plane transmission antenna.  We mounted ours on the bottom of the capsule (like this team did) for two reasons:

  1. So that the radiator and the four radials were as far out of the way of the rigging as possible, so as to minimize the possibility of the antenna getting tangled up in the rigging.
  2. Pointing the radiator down would make for better transmissions throughout the flight.

To attach the antenna, we carved four small divots into the bottom of the capsule where the radials would sit, and then hot-glued them in place.  We also covered the four contact points in duct tape for additional strength.


The second thing to point out is the capsule exterior.  Once we had all of the holes cut, and had decided where everything was going to be position, we covered the rest of the exterior with safety-orange duct tape.

Next, we put our contact information (name and phone number) and "Science Project from Kalamazoo" on the capsule in a couple of places.


We have one final stratoballoon podcast planned that talks about the rigging, the full stack of equipment that went up, and how everything was attached.