Organizing the LEGOs

Everyone in the Gilbert household love LEGOs.  In fact, since Lucy was old enough to safely play with them, I don’t think we’ve had a LEGO-free birthday or Christmas.  We’ll put the kits together, play with them for a while, and invariably add them to the "Completed and don’t take them apart yet" tub.  Once the bin fills up, we try to weed out what the girls aren’t playing with, and break those down.

However, trying to keep thousands of LEGOs from dozens of kits organized is no small task.  As the number of bricks grows, the containers and plastic bags to hold them grows with them.


I took a day off to celebrate my birthday this year, and CJ found the perfect way to let me unwind.  It was a gift that I didn’t even know that I wanted.  It was awesome, peaceful, and therapeutic.

She bought several new cases and shelves for our LEGO stash.


And then gave me permission to reorganize them.

My wife truly gets me.

It took me several hours over two days, and a huge mess in the living room at its climax:


But the hodgepodge of tubs, containers, and bags has now been replaced with this:


Best.  Wife.  Ever.