Snap Circuits RC Rover Follow-up

A couple of weeks ago, Lucy and I put together the Snap Circuits RC Rover.  Unfortunately, when we got it all together we realized that one side wasn’t working correctly.  The rover could go backwards just fine, but only one set of tires would move when Lucy tried to drive it forward. 

At the time, I thought it was the remote since all four wheels moved just fine in reverse.  However, as you saw on that podcast, my attempts to fix the remote didn’t make a difference.  When I contacted the manufacturer, Elenco, they advised me to go through the advanced troubleshooting steps to definitively nail down which part was not working correctly.

The troubleshooting guide was very impressive.  It showed me how to methodically test every electrical component to verify whether it was working or not.  What I found surprised me.  The green motor driver actually had one function that was not working correctly.  I put a request into Elenco to get a replacement, and it arrived about a week later.

Yesterday morning, Lucy and I rebuilt the rover to try the new motor driver out, and it worked beautifully: