For the birds

Last week Lucy came home from school with a completed assignment – something she does on a fairly regular basis.  I don’t remember the exact prompt for this particular one, but it was something like “write and draw about something that you would like to do in the future”.  Lucy’s response was that she wanted to build a birdhouse with her Dad, and she drew the two of us at my workbench, working on it.  Lucy saw me reading it when I got home that night, and she very excitedly asked, “Can we build a birdie-house, Daddy?”  Yeah, she had the “cute” cranked all the way up for that one.

So, this past weekend we built a birdhouse.


I had enough scrap wood lying around to put a decent-sized birdhouse together, and Lucy was more than willing to use the hammer, the drill, and anything else I would let her near.



We built most of it Saturday and Monday, and put the finishing touches on it tonight.  We hung it in the tree in the front yard.


When we had it nearly finished, the question popped into my head – could we install a “nest cam” in this, and actually see the babies?  The more I dug into it, though, the clearer it became that that was more work than I was willing to put in at this point.  The house itself would have to be enlarged to allow for the camera, which means we’d have to delay putting it up (something I really didn’t want to do; I really wanted to capitalize on Lucy’s enthusiasm about the project).  The real challenge with a camera would be supplying it with power, something that would require a line from the house.  I did find a couple of battery- and solar-powered wireless cameras out there, but I would have to run a line from the camera to the power supply anyway, and then I’d have to find a way to weather-proof them.  At that point, running a line into the house would actually be easier.  Maybe we’ll revisit this in Bird House 2.0 (assuming Bird House 1.0 gets off the ground, so to speak).

At any rate, I’ll keep you posted if we get any tenants.  Birds would be awesome.  Squirrels would be fun too.