Evolution of a Smile

A guest blog co-written by CJ & Lucy

At the end of April, Lucy lost one of her top teeth.

She was very excited (as you can see).  Lucy was already working on getting the next tooth to be as loose as possible.  She took great pride in wiggling that one tooth out between her lips and smiling with just that one tooth poking out, snaggletooth style.


A month later, she lost another tooth… but not the one we expected:


As you can see, Lucy still had one tooth hanging in the middle.  Mark christened this her ‘jack-o-lantern’ smile.  Lucy loved it.  LOVED IT!

Finally, on June 7th, that hanging tooth FINALLY came out.


How it came out was Katherine, her sister, knocked it out on a walk. She was tickling Lucy and then accidentally knocked it out. (Her parents may have been heard muttering something about “The first rule of fight club…” but we can neither confirm nor deny that here.)

A few days later, Katherine got some new adjustments to her smile as well:


Yep, those are braces!  Right now she is sporting alternating orange and teal bands (her favorite colors), but she’s thinking that she might switch to her school colors for cross-country season.

In the meantime, our house is full of smiles…