Have you the wing?

We love fairies in this house.  Disney has done an amazing job fleshing out the world of Tinker Bell and her friends in Pixie Hollow, and as a result we own all of the Disney "fairy" movies, as well as a number of the toys, including Rosetta:


She’s seen better days.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had to patch her up.  In fact, this isn’t even the first time that this particular wing has broken off.  My first attempt, as you can see, didn’t last too long.  There just isn’t enough material where the wings come together to let the super glue really bond – at least not enough to allow Lucy to actually play with her.  So, Rosetta has been sitting on my desk for weeks while I pondered how I could fix her differently.

CJ suggested getting a piece of plastic with the right curve – something that I could use as a brace to give the wing additional support, but I didn’t have anything like that.  I took a closer look at Rosetta’s wings yesterday, and realized that the notch in the wings would allow me to use a piece of a paperclip as a brace.  I cut it to length, bent it into the proper shape to hold the wings, and applied a dab of glue to the wing joint.  The result felt pretty solid, even before the glue dried:


Rosetta will have to wear this splint (pin? prosthesis?) permanently, but it should hold better than just glue.

And yes, as soon as her wing was fixed and the glue dried, I turned her head back around.  I knew it was bugging you.