We’ve Angered the Squirrels

Lucy and I were playing badminton in our backyard with my brother James earlier this week, and because we are all excellent (cough cough) players, we actually got one of the birdies stuck about 15 feet up in a tree.

I happened to look out this evening into the backyard, and it looked like the birdie was now sitting on the lawn.  I figured the wind knocked it down, so I walked out to retrieve it.

Wait a minute.  Wind doesn’t do this.


Something not only got the birdie out of the tree, it tried to eat it, too.  My money is on the squirrels.  I’ll bet one of them thought he hit the jackpot with the giant, rainbow-colored acorn he found. 

After discovering that it was NOT, in fact, a giant, rainbow-colored acorn, the enraged rodent decided to make a point on our lawn by shredding the birdie, and leaving the pieces where I could find them.

Clearly, the squirrels in our yard have anger-management issues.