We’ve had an interesting last couple of weeks when it comes to animal life.  Not only do we have a family of bunnies living under our deck, but we had a robin build a nest on top of our neighbor’s cable box.  The nest is in a great spot.  It’s about six feet off the ground, on the east side of our neighbor’s house, under the awning, so it’s very shielded from storms, cats, etc.  Her only real threat appears to be the yahoo who keeps pointing a camera at her.


I first saw her about three weeks ago in the finished nest, and then about a week later found three eggs in it.  About a week ago, the first one hatched.


The other two hatched about a day later each.


They are terribly cute. 


I do try to limit how often I go on that side of the house, to minimize how often I freak out momma-bird.  Unfortunately, that’s where we keep the trash can, so when I need to pull it out I try to walk up very slowly, out in the open where she can see me, in the hopes that I just can get the trash can and go.  Every time I get within about 3 feet, though, she says "Nope!" and flies off to a nearby fence.

I can’t wait until their eyes open, and they start getting their flight feathers.  They’ve been growing incredibly quickly (those worms must be like HGH for birds), so we probably don’t have to wait long.


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