New LEGO creations

Yesterday, Lucy asked if I would play LEGOs with her.  She started building a lava-falls, something very common in the game Minecraft, and I started tinkering with Catwoman’s motorcycle (part of a DC Comics set we got a while back).  Here is the result:


Lucy showed me several iterations as she completed each, and I kept challenging her with "that’s cool, but can you do X?"  Lucy didn’t disappoint.

In this one, Kai, the red ninja of fire*, can be seen relaxing at the top:


The speech bubble was pure-Lucy.  Jay, the blue ninja of lightning, though, isn’t as thrilled at sinking into the lava.


My super-cycle also went through several iterations.  I started by added the twin blades and a jet engine which turned it into something resembling a gyrocopter:


Then I decided a cool motorcycle like this really needed weapons.  Big ones.


For both of us, it was 30 minutes well spent.



* Lucy is a huge fan of the cartoon series “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu”.  Kai and Jay are two of the good ninjas featured in the show.


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