Home Maintenance Double Header

CJ and I put the "labor" into "Labor Day Weekend".  Get ready for a home maintenance double header!


No, we didn’t host E.T.


We had our kitchen fan replaced a while back, and the installer needed to cut a larger hole in the ceiling and then re-plaster it.  Priming and repainting a section of the ceiling was asking for trouble, so we decided to do the entire thing.

Hence all the plastic.

Now, tackling one job over this weekend apparently wasn’t a high enough bar, because while waiting for a layer of primer or paint to dry in the kitchen, we worked on our other project – repainting the tines on our dishwasher racks.

We’ve owned our dishwasher for many years, and over time the plastic covering the metal framing has gotten knicked a few times.  Okay – more than a few.  That allowed water to seep in, and turned many of the tines into this:


But Mark, why not just buy new racks?  Surely you can get replacements.  As a matter of fact we can get replacement racks, but they would have been half the cost of a new dishwasher.  We decided we could spare a few hours of our time to save a few hundred dollars.

We got a bottle of Performix ReRack, which with its little brush attached to the bottle cap made it look like white-out (for you kids who are too young to know what white-out is, think "CTRL-Z", but for paper).

The catch was we couldn’t just paint the ReRack onto the rust-covered tines.  We had to get the rust off first.  We started by sanding the tines with paper, but graduated to metal rasps.  At one point I tried a hacksaw, but I couldn’t get a good angle on the tines to actually saw through them.  I tried a pair of snips, but the tines were too thick to allow that to be effective.  Finally I landed on using a rat-tail file to burrow through half of the tine, then a pair of plyers to snap the bad piece off, and finally a flat rasp to take the sharp edges/points off.  That allowed me to get even the really bad tines in a couple of minutes.

Each time we worked a tine down to the point where we could repaint it, we marked it with a piece of blue painter’s tape.


Did I mention the filing alone took us all day Saturday?  If that wasn’t bad enough, the painting took Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday because I kept either A) finding tines I had missed, or B) recoating tines that I did get the first time, but had dripped to the point where the metal was exposed again.  After the third application, CJ could tell I was losing my patience with the project, so she and Katherine did one final coat, and then heated it briefly with a hair-dryer, just to get the ReRack to set up a little faster, and not drip off.

By comparison, the kitchen ceiling went very smoothly.  We only flung paint across the room once. 

By Wednesday, we had our kitchen put back together, complete with a functional dishwasher again.

Many thanks to all of the grandparents for taking the girls out of the house while we worked.


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