Comical moments from the Gilberts

While driving past something really smelly

Lucy: What is that smell?

CJ: I don’t know, honey.

Lucy: Well, I didn’t toot!


While playing Story Wars…

CJ: I feel like I’m not winning…

Katherine: That’s because you aren’t!

Grandma Gilbert was explaining to Lucy that she doesn’t roller skate because the first time she roller skated she broke her tailbone.

Lucy: But if you don’t roller skate, you can’t see if you get better with practice.

CJ [after some further discussion] Well, Grandma just decided to practice other things, to get better at other things.

Lucy: Oh…. Like skateboarding? [Cue the riotous laughter from the adults]


[Lego Minifigs come in opaque packages where you don’t know which one you are getting until you open it. However, CJ really wanted to get some of the scientist minifigs for the girls for Christmas last year…]

CJ: I spent like 20 minutes in Toys R Us feeling up the minifig packages to find these!

Grandma Gilbert: And they didn’t call the cops on you?


Overheard while playing with Legos…

Katherine: We have Maximus Pig Wheelbarrow

Lucy: Yeah, it’s a nice day… and then my hair pops off!


Katherine: I suck my thumb at you, sir!

CJ: Nooooo… It’s I bite my thumb at you, sir!


On winters…

Lucy to her parent: Have a good time shoveling. Don’t let your boogers freeze!


Dad [sarcastically]: Hey, what’s that bright thing in the sky?

Lucy [excitedly]: What is it?!?

Dad: The sun, Lucy.

Lucy: I wanna see it!


CJ to Mark: Drive safely – watch out for black ice… or potholes…

Lucy: Or hamsters!


On Easter morning we heard giggling from Lucy’s room…

Lucy: Mom! There’s chocolate all over my room! How’d that get there?


And a few one-lines from Katherine to close us out:

Katherine: My Little Wookieeeee… My Little Wookieeee…. [to the tune of My Little Pony]

Katherine: I have the ninja Chihuahuas of doom!

Katherine: The parents need to step up their game in the craziness area.