A Swinging Code

CJ and I got the girls a singularly large gift this year.  It was so large, in fact, that when it arrived we put the non-descript boxes in the garage.  For Christmas morning, CJ put together a little code for the girls to solve.



Since the gift was for both of them, CJ decided to make the code decipherable when you combined the two clues.  She wrote the clues onto two transparencies, and added four alignment symbols – the colored dots in the corners – to give the girls a hint as to how they might need to be arranged.  Once you lay one on top of the other, and line the dots up correctly, you see the solved puzzle:



We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Swinging* New Year!

*Some assembly required in the Spring!

*Seriously, it’s in the garage.


At which point the girls hurriedly put on their slippers, and snuck out to the garage briefly to see the still-in-the-box swing set.  This is a serious swing set – sturdy enough even for adults, which means it should last the girls until they move out.

They were are very excited.