Looking for aliens

Lucy joined the ranks of SETI@Home yesterday.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with this program, SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Life.  The project collects radio signals from space in the hopes of finding signals that denote intelligent life.  The processing for those signals, though, requires a computer.  In fact, a LOT of computers.  But buying and maintaining a “lot” of computers requires a LOT of money.  In 1995, David Gedye proposed a different approach.  There are already a “lot” of computers in the world, and much of the time those computers aren’t doing anything useful except running a screensaver.  Could we build a screensaver that analyzed SETI radio data, and looked cool doing it?

SETI@Home was born.

Lucy saw the screensaver running on my computer earlier this week, and when I explained what it was doing, she was REALLY interested in helping, so we added it to her machine.


You gotta start somewhere, right?