Quad Cargo

Before we can start our relatively-still-secret quadcopter-project in earnest, we needed to find out how much extra weight could the Alias really handle.  I drilled holes in a small plastic storage container, and rigged it up as a basket that could be carried by the copter.


The basket and the harness for the Alias weighed in at a combined 1oz (our scale was accurate to about an eighth of an ounce).

We rigged up the Alias in the basement again, and then started loading it up with washers.


We found that the Alias could lift about 1.5oz of washers in the basket, or 2.5oz total being hauled by the copter.  Of course, we had to run the motors at full power to get off the ground.


Switching the Alias from Basic to Expert mode gained us another quarter of an ounce, but as the name suggests, it becomes a lot more challenging to fly.  For one, it doesn’t auto-level itself when we let off of the stick – it will just keep going in the direction we last had it pointed.


We decided that 2.5oz was our effective limit.  That required a full battery and we’d only have 1-2 minutes of flight time, but for what we want to do that should be enough.

The next step will be to build the frame to attach to the Alias to hold the real load.