You may have noticed this past week that “Mark of Quality” was looking a little different.  The biggest change was switching to a new theme (“Sketch”, by Automattic) – specifically one that supports a project gallery.

And then I built the project gallery.

The gallery collects the major projects that the girls and I have worked on in the past.  Many of them are only a single blog post long, but where the gallery really shines are the longer-term projects, like the Stratoballoon, that are made up of many posts.  Speaking of the Stratoballoon, I hadn’t realized that we made 54 posts for that project, including 16 podcasts!

In addition to pulling together the major projects, I also added a couple of tags to the appropriate posts.  First, the new Podcast tag links all of the podcasts together.  When I went through the posts to add that one, I realized we actually have two separate Episode 11’s.  Oops.

The other thing I did was add a tag called Quote Board.  A lot of the humor in our house ends up being verbal – puns, turns of phrase, and so on – and this new category ties those together.

One of the wonderful side effects of updating this corpus was having to re-read the posts to see if they fit the new tags or not.  We’ve made more than 350 posts since August 2010, when “Mark of Quality” debuted.  This week, I’ve re-read at least two thirds of them.  There are a lot of good memories here, and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times.

I’ve had these upgrades planned for a while, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that I really started putting any time towards it.  Once I got rolling, I really got into it, and wanted to see it through to the end.  There are still a couple of things that I want to do yet – like a blog banner image – but the bulk of it is done now.